The Summerset TRL Series Built-In Gas Grill Reviews 2021

April 20, 2023 | By Enza Melisi | Filed in: BBQ.

A grilling workhorse – this is how most people classify this classic and luxurious option for the best gas grill.

Even if the brand is not as recognizable as the global names, this is from one company that rings a bell for most people. It is large and powerful.

Want to know more? Read this short Summerset TRL Series Built-In Gas Grill Review and learn from the insights we’ll share.

Summerset TRL Series Built-In Gas Grill Reviews 2021

The Summerset TRL Series Built-In Gas Grill Reviews 2021
The Summerset TRL Series Built-In Gas Grill Reviews 2021

Main Product Features

Even if the brand name is not one of the most popular in the world, this grill promises exceptional performance that is possible with the features that we briefly list down below.

16-Gauge Stainless Steel Burner

More than being durable, the thickness of the construction of the burners allow it to be more efficient. This is also effective in delivering high heat and in preventing flare-up.

Infrared Back Burner

With the rear burner that comes with this grill, it can deliver versatile cooking functions since this means that you can also use it as a rotisserie.

Hood-Mounted Temperature Gauge

In the conventional designs of the traditional gas grills, there is no built-in thermometer gauge. Now that this model has one, this eliminates the need to open and close the hood in the process of grilling.

Interior Halogen Lights

There are two lights that adorn the interior of the grill. It is a nice decorative touch while also providing illumination that makes it easy to grill even at night.

8mm Cooking Grates

The grates are thick enough to make sure that no tiny particles will get stuck. Plus, this makes sure that the material will withstand many years of use without demonstrating a significant decline in overall quality.

The Good

To provide you with compelling reasons to choose this gas grill, let us also look at some of its notable benefits.

Durable Construction

This is one thing that justifies the cost of Summerset TRL Series Built-In Gas Grill. It is made mainly of 304 stainless steel, which is hard to rival in terms of its durability. It also has the excellent ability to withstand wear and tear.

Excellent Warranty Coverage

If peace of mind is what you want, you will love the extensive warranty against defects and problems.

The burners are covered for a lifetime. Meanwhile, the construction and materials are covered only for two years.

Reliable Ignition System

We used several gas grills in the past and the ignition seems to be problematic. Luckily, such won’t be a problem with this model. It has a specially designed flame thrower to ignite the burner without using electricity or batteries.

The Bad

It is not all good things for this grill. There are also some issues that we would like to point out.


This isn’t one of those grills that will be easy on the pocket. In fact, it hurts the wallet.

The price can be too stiff for many especially for those who just need an entry-level gas grill without the bells and whistles that you will find on this product.

Not from a Popular Brand

This is a problem only for people who are budget conscious. However, despite the lack of the popularity of this brand, feature-wise, this is an impressive product.


As we have highlighted in this Summerset TRL Series Built-In Gas Grill reviews, this is an expensive grill that can provide the best bang for the buck. Every dollar will be worth it.

This is made for serious grilling enthusiasts with discerning preferences, unwilling to settle with just any product. With its top-notch performance, this is sure to elevate your grilling game.

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