The Best Ventless Gas Fireplace for 2021

The Best Ventless Gas Fireplace 2021

Warming up during a blizzard or power outage can prove to be a bit tricky if you rely on electricity. Installing a ventless gas fireplace bypasses the need to stock up on warm blankets and sweaters when your electricity goes out.

We’ve found the best ventless gas fireplace can keep you warm during the coldest weather while also keeping you safe. Thanks to lots of design advancement, it’s hard to tell the difference between gas logs and cordwood; your cozy living room can keep its décor scheme without being marred by a fireplace that looks too modern or too antiquated.

This model is a classic example of a great ventless gas fireplace that allows your living room, dining room, or large bedrooms to stay warm and cozy all year round, no matter what the temperature outside is.

This beautiful ventless gas fireplace features gorgeous, hand-painted ceramic gas logs. The artisans responsible for detailing the wood grain and bark of these logs are careful to ensure a realistic look, so your fireplace never looks too modern or sleek. Instead, this White Mountain Hearth by Empire 24-Inch Flint Hill Gas Log Set heats your space while keeping your power bills low.

Best Ventless Gas Fireplace in 2021

White Mountain Hearth by Empire 24-Inch Flint Hill Gas Log Set

Empire 24 Inch Flint Hill Gas Log Set With Vent Free Propane Contour Burner – Manual Safety Pilot

This 24-Inch Flint Hill Gas Log Set from White Mountain Hearth is a beautiful addition to any fireplace’s firebox. Simply install these ceramic fiber logs in your existing fireplace, and never worry about chopping or hauling wood into your home ever again.

It’s easy to start up with a Piezo ignition switch. Choose from thermostatic control, a basic on/off remote, or even manual safety pilots to save a few dollars on the upfront cost of it. You’ll love the ambiance it provides, along with the 34,000 BTUs of heat from the gas burner. The oxygen depletion system monitors oxygen levels and shuts down the burner if it becomes unsafe.


  • ANSI-certified for safety
  • Smaller footprint allows use in smaller fireboxes
  • Control the height of flames with variable knob
  • Adjusting the BTU output controls the temperature
  • Remote starter is available for your convenience


  • Gas line is required for installation, not included
  • May not meet state guidelines, check with authorities

Superior Fireplaces 18-Inch Boulder Mountain Gas Log Set

Superior LBG18BM 18″ Boulder Mountain Vent Free Gas Log Set- LOGS ONLY

The ceramic logs of this 18” Boulder Mountain Gas Log Set by Superior Fireplaces is what every home needs. While the price point is a bit higher, you get lots of features and plenty of heat. The ceramic fiber burner that comes with the logs works like an infrared heat source, creating a more effective radiant heat than just a flame. It can reach up to 2,000°F.

You can adjust the heat and flame using either the variable control knob or choose a remote control instead. Unlike other fireplaces, this one includes a flex line for easy installation.


  • Your choice of ignition methods customizes your fireplace
  • Use with propane or natural gas hookups
  • Maximum output of 28,000 BTUs keeps homes warm
  • Auto ignited with the push of a button
  • 99% fuel efficiency saves money on power bills


  • Auto ignition requires AAA batteries to work
  • Higher price point, but still a great deal

White Mountain Heart by Empire Carol Rose 48-Inch See-Through Fireplace

White Mountain Hearth by Empire Carol Rose 48-Inch Vent Free Propane Gas Outdoor Linear See-Through Fireplace W/Manual Electronic Ignition & LED Light System – OLL48SP12SP

The eye-catching LED lighting of this White Mountain Hearth natural gas outdoor fireplace features multiple color combinations that create a dazzling spectacle of light to go along with the dancing flames on your backyard deck, patio, or lanai. It keeps your guests warm with 55,000 BTUs of heat while they enjoy the focal point of your outdoor space.

Find the fireplace controls hidden under a tilt-up cover plate so unsightly knobs or buttons won’t disrupt the ambiance. This cover plate also protects your fireplace controls from weather like rain or snow, so you never need to worry about issues arising because of the outdoor elements.


  • Choose one of 2 sizes: 48” or 60”
  • Propane or natural gas hookups
  • Fireplace type can be See Thru or Standard
  • Concealed controls do not disrupt ambiance or décor
  • Provides 55,000 BTUs for outdoor settings


  • Built-in model is not portable
  • Does not include fire glass in the price

White Mountain Hearth by Empire 24-Inch Birch Gas Log Set

Empire Birch Ceramic Fiber Log Set, 4-Piece, 24-inch (LS24B2)

Molded from real wooden logs, these white ceramic fiber logs create a beautiful focal point in dark fireplace boxes with their unique trim. Install this 24” Birch Gas Log Set and get rid of your heavy sweaters and blankets since it creates a blazing fire with 36,000 BTUs of power. The Slope Glaze burner heats your home with realistic flames. Read more:

An Oxygen Depletion Sensor System monitors the oxygen levels in your home and shuts down the fireplace automatically if they fall too low. You’ll never worry about the air quality in your home thanks to this safety feature.


  • A 5-year warranty covers you if anything goes wrong
  • Choose your type of ignition switch
  • Connect to either propane or natural gas
  • Great for cozy ambiance and relaxation


  • Flexible gas line needed for installation not included
  • May need to be inspected by state regulators

Peterson Real Fyre 30-Inch Foothill Oak Gas Log Set

RH Peterson Real Fyre FTO-30 Foothill Oak Standard Log Set – 30″ (LOGS ONLY)

The 30” Foothill Oak Gas Log Set is the perfect focal point for any living room that needs a heat boost. The G19A burner keeps you warm while hypnotizing you with bright flames that leap and frolic in a pattern designed to mirror that of real burning wood.

The ceramic refractory gas logs are painted for a realistic appearance and nest atop a custom grate that also shows off the glowing embers and lava rock granules of these ventless gas logs. Enjoy your clean burning logs in comfort knowing that you’re protecting the forests from being destroyed for fueling fires.


  • Logs are meticulously painted to resemble genuine wood
  • Never chop, buy, or store wood again
  • Conveniently control flames with remote
  • Beautiful glowing embers create a realistic look


  • High price point may turn off some buyers
  • Check with local regulators to set up inspections

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All the fireplaces listed here are terrific options to keep Jack Frost away from your winter gatherings, but our favorite is the White Mountain Hearth by Empire 24-Inch Flint Hill Gas Log Set.

The realistic logs and low price point lead the way in keeping families warm during movie nights while also keeping ambiance and coziness intact for cuddle sessions on the couch. With the convenient remote control included, you don’t need to leave your favorite chair.

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