The Best Kitchen Sink Faucets Consumer Reports 2022

Best Kitchen Sink Faucets Consumer Reports

Everything but the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is such a necessity that slogans have been developed around them. In todays modern kitchen the kitchen sink is a major design item. The sink can make or break the design and function of any kitchen.

How to do your own kitchen appliance reviews. Discover how to select the best kitchen sink. Kitchen appliance buying guides tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best kitchen sink for your needs!

Best Kitchen Sink Faucets Consumer Reports 2022 – Buying Guide

Easy cleaning

The kitchen sink should be of a material that is easy to clean. That does not easily stain. That can be scrubbed if needed without leaving permanent marks. An extendable sprayer, of some type, makes the sink clean-up job a lot easier.


Consider your typical usage of the sink. Since sinks come in many styles and colors you will be able to choose one that fits your particular needs. Double basin? Triple basin? Deep or shallow basins? Stainless stell or ceramic? The choices are almost limitless.


There are also many styles of sinks. Bowl, size, and design all vary depending on which brand you are looking at. Remember the sink is a major focal point in every kitchen. Buy a sink for the kitchen that you have now and a sink that you would want to live with.

Size and utility

Measure the counter before you shop. Be sure it will fit into the space or opening available. It will save you a lot of time and money. Also consider the faucet type and whether a separate sprayer or other utilities such as a water dispenser will be used.

Basin depth

The depth of the sink basin needs to be deep enough to hold sufficient water for hand washing large pots but not so deep as to cause back ache from bending into it constantly. A good sink must be deep enough for all of the dishes! Make it deep enough to handle the Thanksgiving dinner dishes and those other special occasions.

Double basin sinks

The ideal kitchen sink is one with, at least, two sink basins divided between them slightly. This allows for many uses. If hand washing delicate china or crystal, this allows a wash basin and a rinse basin. This allows for thawing something in one basin while working with something else in the other sink basin.


As part of the sink unit a sprayer for rinsing dishes, vegetables and cleaning the sink comes in very handy. Sprayers come as separate mounted or built into the faucet head. The hose should be long enough to handle all your needs.

The strainer

A good strainer is required in a kitchen sink. The strainer should be made of metal. It should be easy to clean and should fit the drain of the sink perfectly. It should be easy to close when you desire to keep water in the sink, thus acting like a drain stopper. It should allow the free flow of water from the sink, while straining any waste such as vegetable particles. This is important to prevent the drain from clogging.

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